By Rogue Concepts

Rogue Concepts Ski Doo Gen 4 154 / 165 Expert -Summit Design

$220.00 - $250.00
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Our Gen 4 V2 design is modular 3 piece design featuring 2 tunnel plates and grab bar welded to side plates. With a three bend tunnel plate design, and one going over the top of the tunnel, we keep maximum strength while keeping the weight down. Of course one of our signature model exclusive designs.

  • 1/8” Aluminum tunnel plates
  • 3/16” Bar Plates
  • CNC Laser cut and CNC formed
  • 3 piece modular design
  • 1.25" welded rear grab bar

*Hardware included

*Some trimming of the tail light housing may be needed.

*Powdered to order. Please allow about 1 week for powder coating.

**Please be advised of a 3-5 Week lead time for Shipping.

Regular price $220.00
Regular price Sale price $220.00