About Us:

We build and service sleds of all brands to be reliable, functional and stylish, with performance in mind. If its worth building, its worth building right the first time.

What we do:

We build our sleds to have ample power and performance without all the hassle and unreliability that can come with big horsepower applications. Freshies Built Sleds are Pull and Go!


Custom builds, Boosted applications and Fabrication

Get more out of your sled.




We are an Authorized Fox service dealer, send your FOX shocks to us for upgrades, rebuilds and general service.



It doesn’t matter how much power you make if you aren’t getting it to the snow or ground. We take into account the weight, elevation, and horsepower of your machine to tune your clutches along with riding style.

Snowmobile Tunnel Damage


Pull too hard of a tail stander or get tangled up with a tree? Tunnel repair and replacement can be very expensive and time consuming. Not with Freshies, we strive to keep our customers on the snow and that means fast turnarounds.

Engine Repair


We specialize in top end rebuilds as well as full rebuilds for ALL major brands. From oem to high quality aftermarket kits, we have your motor needs covered.

Flat Rate Installs


The initial install of a supercharger, turbo, big bore or other custom products is crucial. That’s why we promote in shop installs with products bought from us by using flat rate fees for installs. We “bomb proof” our sleds for rub spots, hot spots and any other issues we have encounter over in over 10 years of experience.  If something is worth doing, its  worth doing right the first time.

Boosted Applications


We ride what we sell and we take customer feedback very seriously, that’s why we know what will be the best boost option for you and your sled. We offer Speedwerx Usa Superchargers, Boondocker Turbos, Silber Turbos and Mountain Perfomance Inc. Turbos