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BACKWOODS BMP Lynx NSP Front Bumper ( Non-Skid Plate)

$275.00 - $305.00
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Now introducing the Industries first Aftermarket Lynx Front bumper. From the with 4 successful years under its belt the NSP Gen4 bumper has made its way over to the Lynx.


Our NSP bumper is the ultimate choice for backcountry protection. Choose to enable yourself and your snowmobile. Uncover your true potentials.

NSP= Non Skid Plate. However it will work with BRP Extreme Skid plate. You will have to trim the skidplate in order to mount the bumper.

Hardware included

  • 1/4" 6061 fully machined protective plating
  • 6061 t6 aluminum pipe
  • All new BackwoodsBMP endcaps
  • Fully customizable powder coat selection

Backwoods 50% off replacement plan if you ever bash up your bumper

100% manufacture warranty for any issues created by our manufacturing process.
Regular price $305.00
Regular price Sale price $305.00