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Bikeman Performance POLARIS PATRIOT 850 - BIG BORE ENGINE KIT (900CC)

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  • Patriot 900 Big Bore top end kit fits all Patriot 850 models
  • 195-215 horsepower! (Depending on exhaust configuration)
  • Huge mid-range and torque gain!
  • Hard to keep the skis on the ground!
  • Comes with factory Polaris 9R pistons 
  • A Torque Link tune, BMP performance manifold, Fatt Azz Pipe & clutching changes are required.
  • For best results, purchase our complete big bore.
  • Turnaround time can vary from 1-15 business days for this kit depending on if core cylinders are in stock. The normal turnaround time is between 3-5 business days.
  • Must send in cylinders and exhaust valves (blades only), unless you select to purchase outright.
  • Recommended Options: ECU tune (Torque Link or Hard Flash), Performance Manifold, Fatt AZZ Pipe & Clutch Kit. 
  • If you are just ordering the big-bore without the performance kit we can not help you with tuning
  • Use this Work Order Form when sending parts so shipping/receiving knows how to identify them.

Cylinder Core Exchange Options (see drop-down menu):

If it is peak season please call to verify we have cylinders in stock otherwise we will have to use your cylinders for boring and porting which extends lead time out 

  • Option 1: Purchase Outright - No core cylinder, head, or exhaust valves are required to be sent in - Raises kit price by $1450
  • Option 2: Exchange Parts, MUST send your cylinder and exhaust valves within 14 business days. As soon as you do, the charge will be refunded. Exchange parts not received in that amount of time will have no credit applied, and the customer will have to pay for return shipping. 
  • Option 3: Exchange Parts - Your order will be pulled on our shelf waiting for your exchange cylinder, head & exhaust valves to arrive. Once they arrive, we will normally ship the kit within a few business days. No core charge will be applied since we will have your cylinder prior to shipping the big-bore cylinder.
Regular price $2,495.95
Regular price Sale price $2,495.95