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The Misfit bar was designed to cater to snowmobile riders seeking a narrower and more flexible handlebar with smaller diameter grips (SDG). It features a 1/2" rise for shock absorption and a tapered grip area of 2mm. The Misfit is an excellent choice for smaller riders and anyone who prefers a more comfortable grip. It is available in both regular 7/8" diameter and oversize diameter versions.

 The Misfit is available in both oversized 1 1/8” and 7/8” standard clamps.

 Our oversized handlebars measure 1 1/8" at the clamping area. Verifying fit is your responsibility.

 7/8" to 1 1/8" Oversize Adapter , Knucks Riser  or FTP riser may be needed depending

 on the riser you currently have when using the 1 1/8” oversized Misfit.

 Product Specs

  • SDG - Small Diameter Grip
  • 1/2" Rise
  • 3° upward bend
  • 13 degree pull back
  • 40-degree downward bend j-hooks
  • 28" width
  • QR technology 
  • Made from 7075 heat-treated super aluminum with flex technology
  • Strong, lightweight, and built to last

Bar Pads are not included.

1 1/8" bar = Bar pad 2.0, Regular Bar pad
7/8" bar = crowbar pad

Regular price $139.99
Regular price Sale price $139.99