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Fire 'N Ice Big Air Intake – SET Polaris Matryx

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**Now includes 3 tubes of E600 for install**

The new Matryx and Matryx Boost, are highly susceptible to powder bog in deep snow.

This happens when the air intakes are unable to provide the engine with enough air.

We’ve spent the last two seasons looking for a solution to this problem and our Big Air Intake set is the best way to get additional intake air on this chassis.

  • Super durable, fully welded, powdercoated steel frame. (No plastic frame here.)
  • Features 4 angled intake surfaces per side (Clutch / Exhaust sides)
    • Doubles air intake surface area = more air to the motor
    • Reduces bogs and intake plugging
    • Externally mounted, custom made, durable, high flow, hydrophobic pre-filter material
      • Features Frogskinz vents for easy repair if ever damaged
  • Significantly increases available air volume which also helps prevent bogging
  • Straight forward installation
    • E600 or silicone is required to install

Q: Should I still run an under-hood Intake Boost Vent with these?
A: We still recommend it. Having a completely clear path for air to get into the motor is key. Unfortunately on a snowmobile, the only place for this is underhood. However, our big air intakes will dramatically reduce or eliminate bogs for most riders.

Q: Are repair kits available if I tear an intake?
A: Yes. We have repair kits available for our big air intakes.

Q: Will this 100% eliminate bogging?
A: Maybe. This product will definitely improve air intake, but sleds bog from a combination of different factors including: intake, exhaust, clutching, tune, snow conditions, and electronics among other factors. Intake is just one factor in a bigger equation.

Q: Do I have to follow the installation instructions?
A: Yes. Proper installation is critical. If there are any gaps left, the intakes will suck snow inside and will freeze over. It is imperative that the frame is completely sealed. But the install is easy and takes less than 10 minutes per side.

Regular price $375.00
Regular price Sale price $375.00