By Backwoods BMP

BACKWOODS BMP Polaris Matryx SLASH 146 Rear Bumper

$285.00 - $315.00
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Backwoods does it again with the Matryx Slash! An absolute must for this ultimate snowmobile machine. OUR Bumpers are the Gold Standard for performance protection. Engineered structurally to enable your true potential.

Keep in mind all BackwoodsBMP rear bumpers venture past this “breakpoint”. This is intended to divert and disperse energy throughout the snowmobile, transforming what would be an unfavorable situation, into a progressive result.

By reaching past this “break/bend/snap/crash point”, energy is now able to effectively communicate amongst components to further dissipate and disperse, where before there would be no choice but to unleash the full potential where previous bumpers cease to exist.

  • 6061 t-6 Fully Machined 1/4 Protection plates  
  • Internal machining for a perfect flush fit.
  • 1/2" combined material thickness for the transition from Bumper to Grab bar.
  • Fully Sandblasted and professionally powder coated

All Grab bars are texture black. Side plates are color of choice. 

Regular price $315.00
Regular price Sale price $315.00