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The all new Polaris AXYS RMK Running Boards are here!

We have refined what was already an excellent running board and made it even better. This board has a larger outer rail than previous boards, shorter profile, updated foot hoop design, and updated front and rear mounting areas to minimize snow build up. 

Our raised foot hoop design eliminates the stock foot hoop to allow more room for your boots and prevent your foot from becoming stuck. We have now placed the same raised hoop slightly farther back to allow you to get your toes under it and still utilize the hoop for maneuvering the sled. 

The new inner rail design paired with smooth mounting plates allow snow to easily pass through with minimal areas for the snow to catch on. This smooth design will also make clearing snow out of the rear hanger area much easier. 

This running board is much shorter than our original board but even still slightly shorter than the factory 850 board. Our outer rail near the rear hanger is placed very close to the tunnel to minimize the rear corner from dragging in the snow. 

Will fit all 2016+ Axys RMK 155 & 163 tunnel lengths


**Please be advised of a 2-Week lead time for Shipping.

Regular price $425.00
Regular price Sale price $425.00