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Rogue Concepts Polaris Axys 163 / 165 Mid 7

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Axys 163 / 165 Mid length for a 7” tunnel cut and taper. Comes with two mid length long plates, two smaller brace plates, and a 1.31” aluminum bar welded to side plates. The raised and tucked bar keeps drag a minimum while keeping the rear end protected. The taper design also allows for minimal drag in those crucial backcountry maneuvers.

  • Double plated along the taper to keep strength

  • 1.31” Aluminum grab bar

  • Raised, tucked, and welded grab bar

  • Comes with all necessary hardware for install

  • Works with all tunnel shortening kits and welded chops.

**Please be advised of a 3-5 Week lead time for Shipping.

*Pictures are from a 155 set up, but the 163 / 165 is very similar.

Regular price $285.00
Regular price Sale price $285.00