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* At this time these boards will not work on the 2020/21 X. We are working on providing a solution to the limiter strap adjuster and tunnel differences. Please feel free to call with questions. 

 The new Ski Doo Gen 4 850 Skinny Running Boards are here! The Gen4 has proven to be an amazing machine. We have designed the ultimate set of running boards to give you excellent snow evacuation and superior rigidity. This also allows a more positive feedback from the machine when maneuvering. We have narrowed the boards 1" and raised the outer rail 3/4" allowing you to pull the plastics in closer to the body. 

This set of boards come with additional brackets for front mounting, block off plates for the plastic modification, and a custom drill bit that is required to finish the installation. 

Fits 2017-19 Gen 4 Summit SP/X 146-165 SELECT TRIM BEFORE ADDING TO CART.

Narrowed 1" and Raised 3/4"

Includes Laser Cut Aluminum block off plate for optional belly pan narrowing plastic modifications

Flat 3/16" rigid Laser Cut tunnel plate (will cover all unpainted tunnel areas left by stock boards.)

Ultra Rigid rear hanger support with angled cut for snow evacuation

Eliminates stock front flat snow collecting area

Will not interfere with brake cover or TKI belt drive systems

All Black Hardware 

Constructed of 6061 series Aluminum

Tig Welded

CNC Bent

Laser cut plates/ Mounting plates

Comes with all hardware and traction screws

**Please be advised of a 2-Week lead time for Shipping.

Regular price $525.00
Regular price Sale price $525.00