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This kit offers great throttle response, backshifting, and overall performance. We designed and developed a completely new, fully dual adjustable 10 series profile weight for the P-22 clutch and combined them with our industry-leading H5 alloy primary spring and secondary springs, billet aluminum lightweight weight dual track helix that saves .40 lbs or a 20% over the stock helix, and set of our R2 Series rollers for the secondary clutch.

Kit Includes:

  • Speedwerx Machined Dual Adjusting Weights (pre-set and ready to install)
  • Weight Adjustment Kit
  • H5 Alloy Primary and Secondary Springs
  • Speedwerx Lightweight Two Angle Helix (saves .4lbs)
  • R2 Series Bearing Grade Secondary Rollers to allow Dual Track Helix

For many years, Speedwerx had worked very hard to set the bar in performance clutch kits utilizing titanium springs. The springs and clutch kits worked perfectly but the price was hard to swallow due to the rising cost of titanium. After two years of rigorous testing, we introduced the H5 Alloy springs in 2008. The H5 Alloy springs have a 30,000 to 40,000 psi higher tensile strength compared to standard chrome silicon wire springs and they won't lose rate over time, so you can get the durability and consistent performance of a titanium spring at a fraction of the cost. The H5 Alloy springs have set the new standard in performance for trail, mountain, and racing applications!

The individual components will vary depending on the application and riding elevation, but most of our performance clutch kits come with an H5 Alloy Primary Spring, a set of our Hypershift machined weights, one of our custom-cut Secondary Helixes, and an H5 Alloy Secondary Spring. Some kits may also include a tip weight adjustment kit for fine-tuning or a new drive belt as well. If you want a smooth, yet hard pulling holeshot, excellent back shifting and great throttle response, look no further than the Speedwerx Hypershift Clutch Kits.

Regular price $629.95
Regular price Sale price $629.95