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Available now for High Elevation applications! The Stealth Heads and Clutch Kits are ready to ship, the ECU Flash is being finalized and we will notify you when to send in your ECU. The Lighweight Muffler options are on backorder but will ship when available in February.

Speedwerx Stage 1 Exterminator Kit // // 2024 Arctic Cat CATALYST 600 C-TEC2 Models

Our Exterminator Kits are designed to ensure our customers are running the correct combination of parts for their particular model. These kits are designed for everyday type riding and require premium pump gas. We have grouped different options of our performance parts together to ensure our customers are looking at the correct combination of parts, giving you the confidence that you are getting the best bang for your buck.

Stage 1 Exterminator Kit Includes:

  • Speedwerx Stealth Head Mod
  • Speedwerx Hypershift Clutch Kit
  • Speedwerx ECU Reflash 

Riot 600: Available now for High Elevation applications!

M 600: Available now for High Elevation applications!

Note: The ECU Flash is being finalized and we will notify you when to send in your ECU. It is safe to use the Stealth Head and Clutch Kit with the stock ECU Flash in the meantime.

We highly recommend our Exterminator Kits to get a complete bolt-on performance package developed on our dyno and thoroughly field tested to meet our strict performance standards. The Stage 1 Exterminator Kits are a great entry level package that includes our Stealth Head Mod, Hypershift Clutch Kit, and ECU Flash.

Our ECU Flashes that are developed in-house change the fuel and timing parameters to ensure you’re getting maximum power and excellent throttle response with pull and go reliability on pump gas. The Stealth Head Mod has our interchangable billet domes with a special chamber and cooling design to reduce the chances of triggering the knock sensor to keep you at peak power all the time, and it also enables those riding at higher elevations to safely bump up the compression on premium pump fuel as well. You can use this in conjunction with your stock muffler for quiet power, or add our standard Lightweight Muffler that's lighter than stock for a liitle better sound at a level reasonably low for everyday trail riding, or the L2 Series Light n' Loud Muffler for the lightest weight with an aggressive race sound. 

We also offer a Stage 2/3 Exterminator Kits for those wanting a little more. They includes our Pipe Mod and a different ECU Flash for maximum power and performance.

    Regular price $1,293.85
    Regular price Sale price $1,293.85