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Our Stage 2 Exterminator Kit includes an ECU flash to unlock maximum power and performance from your 998 Turbo!

Speedwerx Stage 2 Exterminator Kit 

Our Exterminator Kits are designed to ensure our customers are running the correct combination of parts for their particular model. Our Exterminator Kits are designed for everyday type riding and require premium pump gas. We have grouped different options of our performance parts together to ensure our customers are looking at the correct combination of parts, giving you the confidence that you are getting the best bang for your buck.

Stage 2 Exterminator Kit Includes:

  • L2 Stainless Steel Stage 2 Lightweight Muffler
  • Hypershift Clutch Kit for Arctic Cat / Fast Four Clutch Kit for Yamaha - 0-3,000 Ft. Elevation
  • Black Anodized Aluminum Panel Vent Kit
  • Aluminum Charge Tube Kit
  • ECU Re-mapping- Stage 2 - 250+ hp Pump Gas (Stage 3 - 270+ hp 91/110 Blend, or the Multi-Map Bundle + Dash Upgrade are optional)

The Stage 2 Exterminator Kit is for those that want a basic bolt-on package with the increased power and performance that is only possible with a re-mapped ECU. It features our TIG welded 304 Stainless Steel Stage 2 Lightweight Muffler- after extensive testing, we saw a solid 23hp gain over stock with no mapping or fuel changes, however it bumps up the boost slightly and leans out the air-fuel ratio so our ECU remapping is required to ensure long term reliability. The Stage 2 muffler combined with the Stage 2 ECU re-mapping gets you over 250hp on Pump Gas, and you also have the option to select the Stage 3 re-mapping for 270hp plus on 91/110 Blend, or choose the Multi-Map Bundle + Dash Upgrade to get a selectable, fully adjustable setup right in your stock gauge cluster- see related items below for more details. This package also comes with a Hypershift Clutch Kit to ensure you are putting the power to the ground, an Aluminum Panel Vent kit to keep things cool underhood, and our Aluminum Charge Tube Kit to replace the stock rubber hoses that tend to stretch and get weaker over time. The aluminum tubes also have the added bonus of greater heat dissapation since they are exposed to the cold air, and a cooler intake charge equals more power!

When selecting the option for the Yamaha Sidewinder, you will get a Fast Four Clutch Kit that includes Heel Clicker Weights with an Adjustment Kit, and Primary and Secondary Springs.

NOTE: You must send your ECU to us for re-mapping! If purchasing online, please include a note with your return address and order number. Your order will be held to ship complete after receiving your ECU. The Gauge Cluster must also be sent in if you are purchasing the Multi-Map Bundle + Dash Upgrade.

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Regular price $2,299.80
Regular price Sale price $2,299.80